The Philippine Association of Lesson and Learning Studies, Inc. (PALS) is a non-profit organization of stakeholders in education and was registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2016. Its main goal is to support the development of lesson study in the Philippines as a professional learning model for teachers, educators, and school administrators through research, development of resources and organizing fora.

           PALS is an offshoot of the Lesson Study (LS) program of the National Institute  for Science and Mathematics Education of the University of the Philippines (UP NISMED). In its effort to promote and develop lesson study not only for teachers of science and mathematics but for the teachers of the other subject areas as well, UP NISMED together with some educators from other schools and colleges, organized PALS in 2014.

           PALS is a local version of the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) which was organized in 2006. Like WALS, PALS aims to promote and advance the research and practices on lesson studies in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning especially in the Philippines.

                Since 2016, PALS has been partnering with public and private schools to explain and promote lesson study and support teachers in their conduct of lesson study through small-scale seminars in 2019. PALS and UP NISMED jointly organized the 1st National Convention on Lesson Study.

                For more information, visit the PALS website at www.palsnet.org.